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Hello there sweetheart, I'm Jess - an eighteen year old girl with quite an eclectic personality and an unhealthy obsession with Queen and Harper's Island. I have a penchant for laughing at horror films, singing along to rock music and getting snap happy. I have a dog named Alfie, who I'm convinced is an Ewok. ♥


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"To me it’s interesting to have Cosima dealing with the illness because she is the lightest and most fascinated with life, grasping at life. She lives so beautifully and fully, so to have her sick and having to analyze herself and analyze this thing inside her that normally she would look at from the outside with this clinical understanding, now it’s personal. It’s quite a fascinating thing, the fan response to Cosima. They’re very protective of her. They don’t want anything bad to happen. It’s great that our show bravely puts her in that peril. It raises the stakes for everybody, for all the clones."
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Sarah displaying that she's truly British

Café man:You look like you could use a coffee
Sarah:Yeah, I'll take tea
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I am George

oh man this is gonna be bloody perfect

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Tumblr, why did you do this thing and make that post with the caps of Cosima’s clone files blow up? Because now I feel compelled to tell you that there’s actually conflict between Cosima’s chart/notes and the actual documents of her fellow clones. Why there’s conflict, I have no idea, especially considering that Cosima has all the documents in hand. But they are as follows:

Janika Zingler:
DOB: 1984-03-10
(Cosima’s chart: 1984-03-10, no conflict)

Danielle Fournier:
DOB: 1984-03-20
(Cosima’s chart: 1984-03-12)

Aryanna Giordano
DOB: 1984-04-04
(Cosima’s chart: 1984-04-28)

Katja Obinger
DOB, according to license: 1984-03-12
DOB, according to birth certificate: 1984-03-24
DOB, according to passport: 1984-03-24

Alison Hendrix:
DOB: 1984-04-04
(Cosima’s chart: 1984-04-18)

Beth Childs:
DOB: 1984-04-01
(Cosima’s chart: 1984-03-13, this is so wildly off I can’t even)

I have no idea why these huge disparities exist considering Cosima has all the papers in her own possession. You’d think she’d be decent at copying information from a source to her chart considering she’s a scientist who is conducting research and all …

Other things to note:
- Danielle’s blood sample features a very official-looking patient number. I’ve been wondering how Katja got her hands on hair and blood samples if her genetic identicals were killed months before her. How long had she known of her genetic identicals? It doesn’t seem likely that she was brought into the DYAD/Neolution machine/corporation in the way that the North American crew were offered deals because she would have just gone to them for protection and/or health aid. So … how did the European crew get together and how in the world did Katja get samples? (Also, Katja was loaded with money or at least had a generous credit line. Seriously.)
- Is that an X-ray of Katja’s lungs? Or was more than one of the EU clones infected/affected by whatever seems to be genetic?
- I tried very hard to see the birth date listed on Beth’s driver’s license, but the show really, really didn’t want us to see that information and strategically had all that info out-of-focus in every shot (when Sarah checks Beth’s ID after she steals the purse; when Felix looks at the ID; when Stephen checks “Beth’s” signature against her ID). If anyone has better eyes/capping powers than I, please nab it.
- If we go by Beth’s birth certificate, she’s an APRIL FOOLS’ BABY. I can’t even.

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The Clones and Layered Clones of Season One

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my life is someone else’s experiment (x)

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Tatiana Maslany on Kathryn Alexandre
"There were times on set where I was so tired and I just didn’t know how I was going to get through the day, how I was going to remember my lines, how I was going to even just be there and she would show up and give me everything and it was like I just fell in love with her. She just was so there for me and so giving of all of her energy and all of her work. That’s the ultimate generosity as an actor.

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having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired at the same time. it’s the fear of failure but no urge to be productive, and it’s wanting friends while hating socializing. it’s like running a marathon with the willpower of a corpse because you want to get to the end but you also want to sleep and evaporate into the soil and become compost for snails and flowers because then at least you’re useful

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this is so so so important !!


that last statistic 

holy shit its in EVERY SINGLE STATE

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